Gardening in Texas

Gardening in Texas is Fun and Easy

Texas gardening topics will include


At the heart of any garden in Texas, is the choice of plants you have growing. Here you can find places to obtain plants and information on Texan garden plants in general. Send us a picture of your Texas gardens and we will share them here.


Soil is critical when talking about gardening in Texas. The state is huge and we have a large selection of soils that naturally occur. Here, learn about dealing with the extant soil or how to change it, as well as what is the best soil for your use. Texas gardening always requires the right soil to properly pull off great plants.

Weather Across Texas

Weather also comes up in conversations when discussing gardening in Texas

Gardening Communities in Texas

Connect to other communities focusing on gardening in Texas. Be sure to check our blog for more news and updates on Texas gardening.